Bulk SMS

Xceltext, a product of Idea Inc. Pvt. Ltd., is a fast and reliable SMS gateway of Nepal providing its value added messaging services to both individuals and businesses.

Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply when using your XCELEXT account. You automatically accept these terms and conditions when you create your account and use the service. If you do not agree to any of the terms and conditions contained in this document, then you must not create or use XCELTEXT account.

  • 1. Signup
    • 1.1 Information Accuracy

      You agree that all the information you provide when registering with XCELTEXT is accurate, correct and your own. You agree that if your information should change at any time, then you will contact our Customer Support using the means provided and notify us of the changes promptly.

    • 1.3 Acceptance

      XCELTEXT reserves the right to revoke any account. Accounts may be closed or suspended at any time, and XCELTEXT has the right to do this without prior notice and without refund if you are found or suspected to be in breach of the terms laid out in this document.

  • 2. Account Usage
    • 2.1 General

      Your account is not transferable and you are solely responsible for any actions carried out from within your account. Your account is for personal/organizational manual use only and you must not employ automatic means of using XCELTEXT services.

    • 2.3 Abuse of the System

      Any attempt to abuse the system through use of improper actions or other methods is strictly forbidden. Causing disruption to the service or other users and using false account details will lead to criminal prosecution.

    • 2.4 Law Enforcement

      You agree to use your account adhering to the Laws of Nepal.

  • 3. Data
    • 3.1 Data Storage

      All data stored in your account is your responsibility, and you have sole liability for the implications of storing such data.

    • 3.2 Data Confidentiality

      Your data is stored private and confidential. XCELTEXT will never use your data for its own purpose or share with any third party unless presentation of your written consent.

    • 3.3 Data Loss

      XCELTEXT will not be responsible for any data loss which occurs in your account. As you are responsible for your stored data, you should keep backups of anything important in case it cannot be recovered.

  • 4. Credits
    • 4.1 Credit Purchase

      You will be notified via e-mail of your purchase status, usually within several minutes. Accounts may be closed or suspended at any time, and XCELTEXT has the right to do this without prior notice without refund if you are found or suspected to be in breach of the terms laid out in this document.

    • 4.2 Refund

      There will be no refund of the service/package once purchased.

    • 4.3 Credit Expiry

      Credit purchased has no expiry. However, if you do not log into your account for six months, then you will no longer be bound by these terms and conditions (until you log in again, if you log in again) and your account, including any unused credit, will be subject to removal without refund.

  • 5. SMS
    • 5.1 Coverage

      XCELTEXT covers GSM networks of telecom operators NT and NCELL. Credit will not be deducted when messages cannot be sent due to temporary suspension of network coverage.

    • 5.2 Network Problem

      XCELTEXT will not be responsible for delays due to problems occurring to the network operators. However, XCELTEXT will be responsible to deal with the network operators to solve the problem.

    • 5.3 Delivery

      XCELTEXT will not be responsible for delivery failures due to any phenomenon which is not intentional and not in control of XCELTEXT. No refunds will be given for messages that are not delivered or for messages for which delivery confirmation is not available. If you discover a problem with delivery, you must cease sending to the affected destinations and contact our Customer Support.

    • 5.4 Content

      You agree that you will not send SMS messages containing illegal content as defined by the laws of Nepal. It is illegal to send large volumes of SMS messages to unrelated recipients (SPAM) and also to send abusive or threatening SMS messages. XCELTEXT will always assist law enforcement agencies in the case of a breach. However, you can send large volumes of SMS messages to contacts within your own organization or your network.

    • 5.5 Abusive Messages

      It is illegal to send abusive or otherwise harmful messages. You should note that this service is not anonymous and that all actions conducted within your account can be traced. XCELTEXT will always assist law enforcement agencies in the case of illegal activity.

    • 5.6 Message Logs

      All SMS messages sent or received to or from your XCELTEXT account are logged in a secure location, and this information will be retained in accordance with this document. Logs are kept private and confidential. Law enforcement agencies will be granted access to these logs on request.

  • 6. Customer Support
    • 6.1 Using Customer Support

      Using the Help section in your XCELTEXT online account, you can send a request to Customer Services for support. We have a zero tolerance policy regarding abuse, and any account sending abusive or threatening messages (including messages that contain swearing) to Customer Support will be terminated immediately and without refund.

    • 6.2 Response Time

      Our turnaround time for Customer Support request is 24 hours. All support requests will receive an auto response message to confirm receipt. If you do not receive an auto response message at your specified e-mail address, then you should resubmit the request after 24 hours if a Customer Support representative does not respond.

    • 6.3 Confidentiality

      All communication with Customer Support is private and confidential, and you agree not to disclose such communication to any third party under any circumstances without prior permission from XCELTEXT.

  • 7. Communication
    • 7.1 Personal Information

      In accordance with our Privacy Statement, we may contact you using your personal details if we deem this necessary.

    • 7.2 Updates

      Prominent announcements and important information may be made available to you via your online account.

  • 8. General
    • 8.1 Changes to the System

      The system, including all pricing and coverage, is subject to change at any time without prior notice.

    • 8.2 System Availability

      Whether for maintenance or otherwise, there may be periods when you cannot access your XCELTEXT account due to the system being offline or unavailable. No refunds will be given for any period where XCELTEXT is unavailable under any circumstances.

    • 8.3 Changes to the Terms and Conditions

      The Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time and will be made available at this address. Once posted here, these terms are effective immediately and you automatically accept them during your next interaction with the XCELTEXT service. Therefore you should always check these terms before using XCELTEXT.

    • 8.4 Releases from the Terms and Conditions

      You are bound by these terms and conditions until you receive confirmation from us by email that your account has been terminated and that you have been released from these terms and conditions.

    • 8.5 Cancellation

      Only a communication from within your online XCELTEXT account will be accepted as a cancellation request, and must clearly state your wish for the account to be closed. No refunds for any remaining credit will be given.